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Sara Varga is a lovely Swedish singer/songwriter signed as an artist to Grand Music Group. She has released three successful albums; Faith Hope n Love in 2008, the platinum album Spring för livet in 2011 and the latest album Ett år av tystnad 2012. Her first single from her next album will be out in april 2015. Sara has also written all the music to the SF movie Bäst Före together with Lars Hägglund. Sara writes all her music by herself and is also signed as a songwriter at the music publishing company Warner/Chappell.

Sara is a true artist. Besides from the music she published two books, including one autobiography. She is also a painter where she uses her creative and artistic mind to create wonderful art inspired mostly by her music.

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New Video - Sara Varga - Hur gör vi nu

Sara´s official video Hur gör vi nu

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Sara Varga

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