Sara Varga Birthday 14/4.

Family: Six beautiful sisters and amazing parents including step mom and dad. And my dear and loving freinds, very important! And my guitarr :P

Interests: Dancing, singing, writing, working in the studio, dreaming, painting, snowboard… read, beeing creative and make other people happy

Favourite colour: Blue, sky blue… (And pink for some reason :o) guess it´s the hopless romatic person that lives inside of me)

Food: Vegetarian only!

Loves: So many things, life, wonderful people, Los Angeles, NYC, to give and help others as much as I can… to be truly blessed with all the wonderful things I have. Every day I try to become a better person, more genuine more humble, and that’s what I look for in other people. Beauty truly comes from the inside, give everyone a chance to let their beauty shine thru! And yes, to make fun of myself and make other people laughe, not be so seriuos, all the time.

Hate: Nothing, but really dislike when people are not honest, not helping, and only think about themselves. It’s sad to see people who are not forgiving and those who belive in revenge…

Wish: That I could “save” the world, really a big dream but a good goal to reach for, at least we can all make a small difference, do and be the best you can!

Idols: Always admired people with great talents who use them in good ways, people with good hearts and genuine souls.

Music: John Mayer - Love! Music that comes from the heart, dont really care about if its famous or not, as long as its real. Love Lars Hägglund , Katie Melua :) Prince, James Morrison, Gavin Degraw, Damien Rice, David Grey, Amos Lee, Bob Dylan, Simon n Garfunkel, Melissa Horn, Kent, Eric Clapton, The Perishers, Marion Raven,. Again, as long as its real, and make me think and feel.

Film: Dirty Dancing, the one and only ;) Yeah you know… Note Book, Ps I love you, Big Fish…

Sara Varga

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