Sara Varga

Birthday: April 14th

Family: Six beautiful sisters and amazing parents including step mom and dad. My dear and loving friends and equally important, my guitar :P.

Interests: Dancing, singing, writing, working in the studio, dreaming, painting, snowboarding….  Reading, being creative and making others happy.

Favourite Colours: Blue, Sky blue… (and Pink for some reason :-O) guess its because there lives a hopeless romantic within me.

Food: Vegitarian only!

Loves: So many things. Life, wonderful people, Los Angeles, NYC, to provide help to others as much as I can… being truly blessed with all the wonderful things I have. Each and every day I try to be a better person, more genuine, more humble and this is what I look for in other people. Beauty truly comes from the inside, give everyone a chance to let their beauty shine through. And yes, to make fun of myself and make other people laugh and not to be too serious all the time.

Hate: Nothing, but I really dislike when people are not honest, not helping and only think of themselves. Its sad to see people which are not forgiving and those which believe in revenge.

Wish: That I could “save” the word, really a big dream but a good goal to strive for. At least we can call make a small difference and do and be the best that we can.

Idols: Always admired people with great talents who use them in a good way, people with good hearts and genuine souls.

Music: John Mayer – Love! Music that comes from the heart, I do not really care if it is famous or not, as long as it is genuine. Love Lars Hägglund, Katie Melua:) Prince, James Morrison, Gavin Degraw, Damien Rice, David Grey, Amos Lee, Bob Dylan, Simon n Garfunkel, Melissa Horn, Kent, Eric Clapton, The Perishers, Marion Raven. Again, As long as it is real and makes me think and feel.

Film: Dirty Dancing, the one and only ;) yeah you know…. The Notebook, PS I love you, Big Fish…

Sara Varga

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